Regular Cast 

Major-Doktor Dieter Richter - Alfred Burke

Doctor Philip Martel - Bernard Horsfall

Hauptmann Reineke - Simon Cadell

Oberleutnant Otto Kluge - John Malcolm

Major Ernst Freidel - Simon Lack

Peter Porteous - Richard Heffer

Clare Martel - Emily Richard

Olive Martel - Antonia Pemberton

Helen Porteous - Helen Shingler

Vicar - Peter Williams

Major Kirk, R.M. - Richard Borthwick

Martel's Maid (Ruth) - Pauline Menear

Regular Crew 

Theme Music - Wilfred Josephs

Executive Producer - Tony Wharmby

Producer / [Script] Editor - Michael Chapman

Major Freidel (Simon Lack) and Major Richter (Alfred Burke) arrive on the island.

The islanders are summoned to a meeting by the occupying forces.

Episode 1: 

By Order of the Fuhrer

Original TX date: 21/1/78


Writer - Michael Chapman

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Bill Bain


30th June, 1940. The fall of France has left the British with a decision not to defend the Channel Islands and results in its occupation by the German forces. Peter Porteous, a wealthy landowner, plans to leave the island and join the allied forces before the new administration's orders become effective. Porteous' attempted escape leaves one man dead, himself wounded and the suspicious eyes of the new regime watching closely.


Additional cast:

Inspector Sculpher - Brian Osborne

John Ambrose - Richard Hurndall

Committee President - Noel Johnson

Peter Girard - John Salthouse

Raymond Girard - Morgan Sheppard

Eric Corbin - Martin Fisk

Mrs. Corbin - Elizabeth Bennett

Gefrelte Kirst - Mark Christon

Thelma Whiteley as the island's defiant librarian, Cecily Brown

Hauptmann Reineke (Simon Cadell) searches the library catalogue for seditious literature, to the disgust of the librarian  (Thelma Whiteley).

Episode 2: 

The Librarian

Original TX date: 28/1/78


Writer - N.J. Crisp

Designer - John Emery

Director - Tony Wharmby


While the investigation surrounding Porteous' mishap continues, a local librarian resists censure of her books by the Germans, and a minor fracas leads to an embarrassing fall by an officer who insists she be tried in court for her disrespect. Her principles and refusal of a public apology earn a sentence far more intimidating than the scope of her actions.


Additional cast:

Cecily Brown - Thelma Whiteley

Randall - John Oxley

German Soldier - Keith Hasemore

Miller - Anthony Bailey

Young Boy - David Dyke

Reineke's propaganda photo's, of Major Richter (Alfred Burke) dancing with Marie Weston (Sheridan Fitzgerald).

Preparing for an execution: Anton Schen (David Gwillim) and the Chaplain (John Pennington).

Episode 3: 

After the Ball

Original TX date: 4/2/78


Writer - James Doran

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Christopher Hodson


John Weston's beautiful car is commandeered by Hauptmann Reineke. A propaganda inspired dance goes awry when the chief component of the German's game cries rape after a brief indulgence with an Austrian soldier, Anton Schen. Having been a virgin and thoroughly distraught over the encounter, Marie Weston is unaware that her indiscretion will lead to an innocent man's court-martial and, ultimately, his execution.


Additional cast:

John Weston - Ray Smith

Marie Weston - Sheridan Fitzgerald

Anton Schen - David Gwillim

Joachim von Schellenberg - Gregory Floy

Chaplain - John Pennington

Gefreiter - Tony Scannell

Leut. von Stein - Paul Jerricho

Orderly - Sandy Sinclair

Feldwebel - Mark Christon

Disfigured Luftwaffe pilot Willie Kessler (Martyn Jacobs).

Clive Martel (Anthony Head) and Clare Martel (Antonia Pembleton) realise they're being watched by Kessler.

Episode 4: 

Steel Hand from the Sea

Original TX date: 11/2/78


Writer - Kenneth Clark

Designer - John Emery

Director - Christopher Hodson


Traumatized by his hideous burns, Willie Kessler, a young Luftwaffe pilot, has a chance encounter with Clare Martel whom he warns against professing the outright antagonism she feels towards the Germans. Regardless of this, Clare and Willie form a friendship that continues to grow. Clive Martel's secret reconnaissance of the island, leads to a unexpected reunion on the beach with Clare which is suddenly interrupted by the approach of Kessler. Fearing for her brother's life, Clare viciously attacks Willie, and leaves Clive speechless as she watches the body drift away in the ocean.


Additional cast:

Leutnant Willie Kessler - Martyn Jacobs

Clive Martel - Anthony Head [Anthony Stewart Head]

Teddy Lupus - Gary Waldhorn

Lieutenant Blake - Ray Armstrong

Petty Officer Grigg - Dave Carter


Note: this episode marks the television debut of Anthony Head (later to star in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Manchild).

Clive Martel (Anthony Head) prepares to confront a potential enemy.

A defiant Clive Martel (Anthony Head) takes responsibility for the reconnaissance raid, to the frustration of Major Richter (Alfred Burke).

Episode 5: 

The Laws and Usages of War

Original TX date: 18/2/78


Writer - Kenneth Clark

Designer - John Emery

Director - Christopher Hodson


Mid-August 1940. Clive Martel's reconnaissance of the island proves futile when the British raid ends in a dramatic failure. Convinced that an islander helped the British navigate inland, Oberleutnant Kluge is presented with the name "Joe le Beq" as a likely suspect, though he, personally, believes Martel is the actual culprit. It is not until Joe le Beq is thought to be facing the firing squad that Clive Martel turns himself in, admitting his role in the failed attack. Dr. Martel watches in misery as his son is taken away to a POW camp, unaware that Kluge's investigation had made Clive's surrender unnecessary.


Additional cast:

Kapitanleutnant Erlich - William Simons

Fat Molly - Pam St. Clement

Corporal - Jonathan Kydd

Oberleutnant Kluge (John Malcolm) questions Peter Porteous (Richard Heffer) about the appearance of paper "V"s., bookmarking the island's library books.

Oberleutnant Kluge (John Malcolm) interrogates Billy le Prevost (Simon Gipps Kent).

Episode 6: 

'V' for Victory

Original TX date: 25/2/78


Writer - Robert Barr

Designer - John Emery

Director - Bill Bain


Evidence of a British propaganda campaign begins sweeping the island in the form of small cut-out paper "V's." A new S.S. aide to Kommandant Richter, Hans Kurtmeier, who is an enthusiastic Nazi, decides it is necessary to stamp out such insolence immediately. Oberleutenant Kluge's intense questioning of the islanders irritates Peter Porteous, causing him to raise the campaign to a fever pitch, resulting in the arrest of an innocent bystander. The fate of this man may leave Peter questioning himself for the rest of his life.


Additional cast:

William (Billy) le Prevost - Simon Gipps Kent

Mrs. le Prevost - Barbara Ewing

Hans Kurtmeier - Peter Woodward

Librarian - Isabelle Amyes

1st Sentry - Stephen Gordon

2nd Sentry - Keith Hasemore

Driver - Ken Barker

Sir James Prideaux (Robert Flemyng)

Doctor Philip Martell (Bernard Horsfall) and Sir James Prideaux (Robert Flemyng).

Episode 7: 

The Polish Affaire

Original TX date: 4/3/78


Writer - Michael Chapman

Designer - Frank Nerini

Director - Christopher Hodson


A retired British diplomat, Sir James Prideaux, is aware of sensitive information that could benefit the Germans greatly. The desire for this knowledge has lead the Germans to design an elaborate trap involving Jan Arciszewski, a Polish colonel who had a passionate affair with Prideaux's wife, Diana, before the war. Pressured by fear of death, Jan plays a convincing role as a helpless escapee that may ultimately end in the arrest of the Prideaux's. The advice of Dr. Martell is the only hope for the salvage of a broken man's ethics and a pained couple's existence.


Additional cast:

Colonel Arciszewski - Gary Watson

Sir James Prideaux - Robert Flemyng

Lady Diana Prideaux - Frances Bennett

Hospital Patient - John C. Williams

German Soldier - Jason James

Doctor Martell (Bernard Horsfall) treats septicaemia. Bobby and Anne Beauchamp (Patricia Marks and Nicholas Barnes).

DS Roy Lewis (John Nettles) questions black-marketeer Louis Mendoza (Alun Armstrong) about some missing drugs.

Episode 8: 

Officers of the Law

Original TX date: 11/3/78


Writer - James Doran

Designer - Frank Nerini

Director - Jonathan Alwyn


A new drug, sulfanilamide, has the power to cure and, in the wrong hands, the virtual power to take life or its freedoms. In his refusal to supply Doctor Martel with the drug that could save a boys life, Kommandant Richter has set in motion a chain of events that expose Louis Mendoza as a black marketeer, guiding two men to prison and nearly taking Martel with them. An islander policeman, Detective Sergeant Roy Lewis, is pressed into service by Oberleutnant Kluge. Although initially reluctant, Lewis is surprised by Kluge's compassion, and agrees to assist him in future investigations.


Additional cast:

Louis Mendoza - Alun Armstrong

Detective Sergeant Roy Lewis - John Nettles

Feldwebel Eric Stauss - Rod Beacham

Anne Beauchamp - Patricia Marks

Bobby Beauchamp - Nicholas Barnes

Johnnie Parfitt - Jon Croft

Joey - Dougal Rose

Stallholder - Maggie Flint

Soldiers in Market - Michael Finbarr, John Foley

Betty Ridge (Norma Streader) and Erich Grunwald (David Beames) enjoy a picnic.

Betty Ridge (Norma Streader) tries to ignore three taunting children (Angela Porter, Emma Fox and Deborah Tullick).

Episode 9: 

The Jerrybag

Original TX date: 18/3/78


Writer - N.J. Crisp

Designer - Frank Nerini

Director - Bill Bain


A courtship between Betty Ridge, a plain, 28 year old island girl and Erich Grunwald, a young German soldier, is met with anger by the locals who now refer to the girl as a 'Jerrybag'. This antagonism is only destined to increase when Betty discovers she is pregnant and Erich is then coincidentally transferred to Dresden. Clare Martel attempts to persuade Betty to leave her baby for adoption and the nagging question of Erich's true intent may cause Betty to act on this advice. The untimely death of Erich during the invasion of Russia and the constant belittling by the locals takes its toll, but a talk with Peter soon clears her mind as to her decision.


Additional cast:

Betty Ridge - Norma Streader

Erich Grunwald - David Beames

Hans - Martin Chamberlain

Walther - Christopher Reich

Helmut - Geoffrey Freshwater

Shopkeeper - Martin Matthews

Baby - Kate Milan

1st Child - Angela Porter

2nd Child - Emma Fox

3rd Child - Deborah Tullick


Note: This episode has a direct sequel in the second season: The Right Blood.

Gen-Major Von Whittke (James Maxwell) arrives on the island.

A broken man: Major-General Laidlaw (Joss Ackland).

Episode 10: 


Original TX date: 25/3/78


Writer - Kenneth Clark

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Jonathan Alwyn


Retired British Major-General Laidlaw would welcome death. Having married a well known German singer following WWI, who has since left him to travel in celebrity status, he is suspected of being a Nazi sympathizer and, therefore, untrustworthy. Ironically, a high ranking German general, General Von Wittke, lands on the island, hoping to  engage Laidlaw in a secret mission to depose Hitler. The Gestapo and the SS are not far behind on the trail of discovering the true reason behind Von Wiittke's visit to Laidlaw... his brother-in-law.


Additional cast:

Major-General Laidlaw - Joss Ackland

Gen-Major Von Whittke - James Maxwell

Schroder - John Hartley

Hoepfner - Timothy Kightley

Gefrelter - Stephen Bent

Dispossessed: Edward Bree (John Normington)

Doctor Martel (Bernard Horsfall), Oberleutnant Otto Kluge (John Malcolm) and Major-Doktor Dieter Richter (Alfred Burke) discuss the Bree estate's water supply.

Episode 11: 

Pains and Penalties

Original TX date: 1/4/78


Writer - John Kershaw

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Bill Bain


Edward Bree has spent a good portion of his life caring for his deaf, frail old mother on the family farm. Now, forced to live in a derelict, unheated cottage with a dirty stream-water supply because 30 German soldiers have taken over their house, Edward is desperate to find fuel for the small wood stove to provide his mother with some comfort. Dr. Martel is concerned with the Bree's stream-water due to the fact that the overpopulation of the island by the Nazi's may have contaminated the island's water supply with sewage. This leads Martel to a confrontation with the Germans that ends in a short-term victory for him, but jail for Edward and death for Edward's mother.


Additional cast:

Edward Bree - John Normington

Mrs. Bree - Betty Romaine

Gefreiter - Peter Holt

Ambulance Man - Noel Collins

German Officer - Peter Symonds


Visiting officer Hauptmann von Bulow (Terrence Hardiman).

Chantel Lautrec (Meg Davies) receives a check-up in Doctor Martel's surgery



Episode 12: 

The Prussian Officer

Original TX date: 8/4/78


Writer - James Doran

Designer - John Emery

Director - Jonathan Alwyn


Chantal, a lovely, intelligent woman, forced into prostitution by Reinecke's bias against her father, may exact her revenge after all. Hauptmann von Bulow, a Prussian officer who had met Reinecke earlier in the war, and shares a distaste for him, discovers that Chantal is working on the island, fully aware that she was once his mistress. His brash attempt to humiliate Reinecke with this information backfires, resulting in Chantal's death and an emotionally charged duel with a surprising conclusion.


Additional cast:

Hauptmann von Bulow - Terrence Hardiman

Klinski - Terence Davies

Chantel Lautrec - Meg Davies

Lili - Marion Mathie

Sylvie - Lesley Daine

Janine - Julia Carey

Marie - Lynne Verral

Bank Manager - Raymond Mason

Feldwebel - Ken Halliwell

Umpire - Jason James

Something for the weekend? - The Chemist (Hubert Rees) humours a German soldier (Graham Sinclair).

What shall we do with the drunken sailor: a leery sailor (The Bill's Tony Scannell) causes trouble.

Episode 13: 

Judgement of Solomon

Original TX date: 15/4/78


Writer - Michael Chapman

Designer - Frank Nerini

Director - Bill Bain


Aggravated by the arrival of secret German torpedo boats to the island, and the subsequent sinking of a British naval destroyer, Peter Porteous arranges a doomed meeting with a sailor in the French Resistance to pass on photographs of the harbour in the hopes of forging an allied attack plan. While Dr. Martel is being used as an unwitting courier to smuggle the photographs off Guernsey, a routine search of his bags turns up the illicit material. For their parts in attempted spying, Porteous and Martel will pay a substantial price.


Additional cast:

Francois Duval - Mark Buffery

Maureen - Anna Keaveney

Chemist - Hubert Rees

Harbour Sentry - Peter Holt

1st Sailor in Bar - Tony Scannell

2nd Sailor in Bar - Nicholas Geake

Patrol Soldier - Mark Christon

Obergefreiter in Bar - Ken Barker

Soldier in Chemist's Shop - Graham Sinclair


Synopses courtesy Goldhil Video.

Screen grabs for episodes 11-13 courtesy P.Allen.


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