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 "Bigger, Better and Ballsier than ever" - The Daily Mirror

"He who is tired of Bond is tired of life" – The Evening Standard

"Bond is still on top" - Metro

 "Die Another Day is 007 in overdrive" - The Sun

You're welcome!Bond is back!…like you’ve never seen him before. The record breaking, action-packed £36 million cinema smash DIE ANOTHER DAY will be released to own and rent on DVD (RRP £24.99) and VHS (RRP £14.99) on Friday 2 May 2003.

And thanks to the wealth of sensational special features, this highest grossing 20th installment of the world’s most successful film franchise, will be released on a must-own DOUBLE DISC SPECIAL EDITION DVD - making it a first for a Bond disc.

Directed by LEE TAMAHORI (Along Came A Spider, Once Were Warriors), DIE ANOTHER DAY is a gritty, sexy, adrenaline blockbuster, packed with plot twists, non-stop action, and cutting edge thrills, truly bringing the franchise into the new millennium, in style. 

PIERCE BROSNAN returns for his fourth outing as 007 and he’s joined by the first ever Oscar winning Bond girl, HALLE BERRY (X-Men, Monster’s Ball, Swordfish) as Jinx, favourites JOHN CLEESE (The World Is Not Enough, A Fish Called Wanda) as gadget man Q and JUDI DENCH (Iris, Shakespeare In Love, Chocolat, The World Is Not Enough) who reprises her role as M, the youngest ever Bond villain played by TOBY STEPHENS, ice-cool agent ROSAMUND PIKE, and RICK YUNE (The Fast and the Furious). The film also features a ground breaking, chart topping theme written and performed by MADONNA who also makes a cameo appearance as Bond’s fencing teacher Verity.

And it goes without saying that there’s the usual amazing array of high-tech gadgets, fast cars, menacing villains, exotic locations, mind-blowing special effects, beautiful women and dozens of references to past 007 movies combine to make DIE ANOTHER DAY the biggest and best Bond film ever.

DIE ANOTHER DAY starts with a spectacular Hovercraft chase through a deadly minefield in the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea – and the action doesn’t let up until the credits roll.  From Hong Kong to Cuba to London, James Bond (Brosnan) circles the globe in his quest to unmask a traitor and prevent a war of catastrophic proportions.  On his way he crosses paths with Jinx (Berry) and Miranda Frost (Pike), women who will play vital roles in his adventure.

Hot on the trail of evil megalomaniac Gustav Graves (Stephens) and his ruthless right-hand man Zao (Yune), Bond travels to Iceland and into the villain’s lair, a fantastic palace built entirely of ice, where he experiences firsthand the power of a new hi-tech weapon.  Ultimately it all leads to an explosive confrontation – and unforgettable conclusion – back in Korea where it all started…

The stunning extras are as follows:


  • Widescreen or Full Screen Feature

  • English 5.1 EX Surround, English DTS - ES Surround

  • English and Dutch Subtitles

  • Audio Intelligence #1
    Mission Commentary With Director Lee Tamahori and Producer Michael G. Wilson

  • Audio Intelligence #2
    Mission Commentary With Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike

  • MI6 DataStream
    On-screen Trivia Track with seamless integration to 19 Behind the Scenes Featurettes

REGION 2 EXCLUSIVE: From Script to Screen Documentary (53 mins)
CAR CHASE DOCUMENTARY: Shaken Not Stirred On Ice (23 mins)

IN DEPTH LOOK AT THE MAKING OF THE FILM: Inside Die Another Day (77 mins)

  • Intro & Surfing,

  • Hovercraft Chase

  • Cuba

  • Quartermaster

  • Ice Palace

  • Car Battle

SCENE EVOLUTIONS: Storyboard to final shot comparision of key scenes:

  • Hovercraft Chase

  • Car Battle

  • Blades

  • Antonov Fight

INTER-ACTION SEQUENCES: Multi-angle exploration of four incredible action sequences including:

  • Hovercraft Chase

  • Car Battle

TITLE DESIGN: An inside look at all the visual elements in the opening credits sequence
DIGITAL GRADING: Before and after comparisons of digitally altered footage
EQUIPMENT BRIEFING: Series of 5 vignettes about gadgets and weapons from the

  • Surfboard (with special modifications)

  • Standard issue watch

  • Switchblade personal jet glider

  • Ultra-high frequency single digit sonic agitator unit

  • Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish (Codename: Vanish)

IMAGE DATABASE: over 250 stills including:

  • Poster campaign

  • Cast portrait

  • Special shoot

  • Sets & Locations

  • Stunts & Special FX

  • Vehicles & gadgets


  • Trailers & TV Spots

  • Teaser 1

  • Teaser 2

  • Theatrical trailer

  • TV Spots

  • Madonna Music Video "Die Another Day"

  • The Making of Madonna's "Die Another Day" video

  • 007: Nightfire trailer (PlayStation 2 game)

  • The Making of 007: Nightfire

  • James Bond Special Edition DVD Trailer

WITH: Double-sided Collector’s Sleeve and Collectable ‘Making-of’ Booklet

PLUS:  Hi Jinx! Easter Egg  

On 24th February MGM issued a revised list of features, which contained the following differences:


  • There's now no mention of widescreen and full-screen versions being on the disc.

  • The "IN DEPTH LOOK AT THE MAKING OF THE FILM: Inside Die Another Day (77 mins)" is now a substantially less "IN DEPTH" thirty-one minutes long.

  • The Blades and Antonov Fight "Scene Evolution" features have been moved to the "Interaction Sequences", explaining why the original release said there were four of them.

  • The IMAGE DATABASE section has been downgraded from 250 to 200 stills, and the "Poster campaign" section is no longer listed.

  • The "007: Nightfire trailer (Playstation 2 game)" has been dropped, (although The Making of 007: Nightfare is still listed). The James Bond Special Edition DVD Trailer is no longer listed, either (perhaps because they've admitted that these are not "Bonus Features", they're "adverts"!)

  • The list of trailers and TV spots has been made more non-specific, but it doesn't seem like there's anything to worry about there.

Note that this list is still a "work in progress". MGM have also confirmed that the Region 1  Die Another Day disc will not feature deleted scenes.


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