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17th October 2008


Silva Screen has confirmed the track listing for the Doctor Who - Series 4 soundtrack, which is due for release on November the 17th (or earlier, as a download from Silva's website).

Here's the final line-up...

1. Doctor Who Season Four Opening Credits (0:46)

2. A Noble Girl About Town (2:14)

3. Life Among the Distant Stars (2:30)

4. Corridors and Fire Escapes (1:12)

5. The Sybilline Sisterhood (1:53)

6. Songs of Captivity and Freedom (4:03)

7. UNIT Rocks (1:11)

8. The Doctor's Daughter (1:38)

9. The Source (3:21)

10. The Unicorn and the Wasp (3:11)

11. The Doctor's Theme Season Four (2:47)

12. Voyage of the Damned Suite (10:21)

13. The Girl With No Name (2:45)

14. The Song of Song (2:14)

15. All in the Mind (1:18)

16. Silence In The Library (2:57)

17. The Greatest Story Never Told (6:17)

18. Midnight (3:07)

19. Turn Left (2:20)

20. A Dazzling End (2:22)

21. The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble (2:44)

22. Davros (2:07)

23. The Dark and Endless Dalek Night (3:44)

24. A Pressing Need to Save the World (4:55)

25. Hanging On The Tablaphone (1:07)

26. Song of Freedom (2:51)

27. Doctor Who Season Four Closing Credits (1:07)



13th October 2008


There's a new review on the site today! Ceri has reviewed BBC Audiobooks' adaptation of the Doctor Who Target novel Pyramids of Mars, which was released recently. Click on the sleeve image, left, or here to go to the review.


Graves has added dozens of new Blu-ray titles to our guide to forthcoming releases guide, Incoming, this week. Hopefully this will bring us bang up to date. There are some great new (and old!) titles there, so check it out!


The latest issue of essential Hammer magazine Little Shoppe of Horrors is now available. As you can see from the striking cover, it focuses on Hammer's first out-and-out horror film: 1957's The Curse of Frankenstein.

Here's a list of the contents from the Little Shoppe of Horrors website...

* Letters to LSoH (7 pages)

* Fanzine and book reviews (5 pages)

* Film Views with all the news on new Hammer DVD releases

* Hammer News (what is going on with the company and Hammer folks who have passed away)

* Raising Hell: Some Notes on Night of the Demon by Denis Meikle

* The Making of The Curse of Frankenstein by Bruce G. Hallenbeck (20 pages of production history and behind-the-scenes info and photos!)

* Terence Fisher in Conversation with Paul Jensen (part 2 of the in-depth interview with Fisher conducted in 1973)

* Peter Cushing and Tony Hinds on Hammer’s Frankenstein Films (Denis Meikle talks with the star and producer of The Curse of Frankenstein)

* An Analysis of Phil Leakey’s makeup for The Curse of Frankenstein by Norman Bryn (a makeup professional (Cloverfield) takes an inside look at how the Creature was created)

* Hugh Harlow – I Remember Bray Studios (Hugh Harlow was third assistant director on The Curse of Frankenstein and takes you to Bray with memories of November 1956 to January 1957)

* Ted Newsom looks back at the Curse of (Hammer’s TV) Frankenstein – The Series that Never Was Tales of Frankenstein.

* The Curse of Frankenstein – The “Lost” Subotsky Script by Philip Nutman (Milton Subotsky, soon of Amicus, wrote the original script that set Hammer on its way)

* Hammer’s Old Guard – Interviews with Peter Sasdy (director Taste the Blood of Dracula, Countess Dracula and Hands of the Ripper) and actor Shane Briant (Straight on Till Morning, Demons of the Mind, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell)

100 pages. Many photos. Original interior art by Neil Vokes, Mark Maddox, Adrian Salmon, Murad Gumen, Shane Ivan Oakley, Dan Gallagher Jr., Bruce Timm, Frank Dietz.


If you're in the mood for some Hallowe'en entertainment, you might be interested in the Chills in the Chapel season, at the Union Chapel, Islington, London, which is raising funds for the Union Chapel Tower restoration appeal fund.

Here's their press release...


Dates: 28th, 29th , 30th and 31st October

Venue: Union Chapel, Islington

All Tickets: £8.00 adv

Following last years hugely enjoyable and successful Horror film season, Chills in the Chapel returns once more to Islington’s famous Union Chapel.

For four nights in the run up to Halloween the spooky gothic Union Chapel will be transformed into a site specific cinema, screening four of the best classic horror films ever made - F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu, David Lynch’s The Elephant Man, Dead of Night and Terence Fisher’s Dracula.

Atmospheric lighting and candles will be used to create an amazing atmosphere in which to present the films.


The Union Chapel built in 1806 and rebuilt in 1877 is one of London’s finest Victorian Gothic buildings, a rambling, confusing building with spooky corridors.

The famous Father Willis organ has been heard playing late at night on numerous occasions and when investigated there has been no one there! This is thought to be the ghost of Ebenezer Prout, organist at the Chapel between 1861 and 1873. Who knows, he may make an appearance on the night!


Nosferatu (1922) (PG) 28th Oct

Director: F. W. Murnau

Murnau’s cinema classic based on the story of “Dracula”. Considered nothing less than a classic of the silent film era. A timeless sinister and unsettling film which is in awe of its own material, itself believing in vampires. It brings images to the screen, the likes of which at the time, had never before been seen. Newly re- mastered (2007) featuring the original score - previously unheard for 85 years.

The Elephant Man (1980) (Cert 15) 29th Oct

Director: David Lynch

Stars; John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins, Anne Bancroft, John Guigud

I am not an animal! I am a human being! man! This is probably one of the most perfect films ever made. It succeeds on every level. Visually it transports one into a dark, grey, industrial nightmare of a world. It's within this world that we come to discover true beauty. It lies within one hideously deformed, abused and unfortunate soul who is being kicked around in this hellish existence. The screenplay, acting, direction all come together to create this extraordinary viewing experience.

Dead of Night (1945)(PG) 30th Oct

Directors: Albert Cavalcanti, Robert Hamer, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden

Stars: Michael Redgrave, Googie Withers

A dead scary horror movie that skimps on the blood but not the goose bumps, Dead of Night's a contender for Best of British. A collection of five stories, the film revolves around Mervyn Johns' architect who's struck by a bad case of déjà vu while visiting a country house. Forced to listen to his fellow guests' stories about their own paranormal experiences, he slowly loses his marbles as dreams become reality and reality becomes a nightmare. It’s a venerable little chiller that hasn't lost a scrap of its hair-raising power over the last 60 years. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Dracula (1958)(12A) 31st Oct 2008 (Halloween)

Director: Terence Fisher

Stars: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing

Dracula's power lies in its bubbling sexual frisson. Lee's towering performance turns the Count into a seductive monster, who sinks his fangs into the porcelain necks of his pretty co-stars as their bosoms pant with excited abandon. Director Terence Fisher definitely knew what his young audience wanted and mixes the salacious undercurrents with shocking bursts of violence (crucifixes burnt into foreheads, stakes plunged into undead hearts) and lashings of vampire lore. Meanwhile, Jack Asher's lush cinematography transcends the production's plywood sets. His colour film stock hammers home the horror: bright red blood dripping from Dracula's white fangs; eyes flashing crimson with bloodshot menace. Now gorgeously restored to its former glory, this is a British horror movie to die for.

All Tickets: £8.00 adv (may be subject to a booking fee)

Tickets available at face value directly from the venue (Compton Avenue) Islington N1 2XD - Monday-Friday 10.30am-5.00pm or on the door on the night. Box office info line 020 7226 1686. For more info and to buy tickets go to

Doors Open: 7.00pm Films start at 8pm

Licensed bar before and after the films with special spooky cocktails.

Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, Islington, N1 2XD

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