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1st September 2008


Ceri Laing has listened to two of the recent Classic Radio Sci-Fi titles from BBC Audiobooks (R.U.R. and The Lost World), and offers his thoughts here. A thread discussing the range (past, present and future) can be found over at Roobarb's DVD Forum.


Titles added to the Incoming database in the last couple of days include...

...a seven-disc John Carpenter Collection, from Optimum; the first season of I Dream of Jeannie, in - spit! - colorized format; the first two seasons of Moonlighting; Tigero, a fascinating-sounding documentary about an abortive location recee, deep into the heart of Brazil, undertaken by maverick director Sam Fuller, recreated forty years later by Fuller and Jim Jarmusch; a 3 Disc Seriously Ultimate Steelbook edition of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre; the long-overdue release of the first season of Esmonde and Larbey's national service sitcom Get Some In; the second seasons of In Sickness and In Health (which features the late Ken Campbell, already much missed) and And Mother Makes Three; and a box set of six movies starring one of Japan's great cinema icons, Takeshi Kitano: Collection.


Below is a look at the sleeve art for three forthcoming Ronnie Barker releases from Network, presenting two series which have barely been seen since they originally aired more than thirty years ago!

The first is 1969-70's Hark at Barker, which was a real showcase for Barker's talents, as he played multiple roles in each episode (ably assisted by Barker stalwarts David Jason and Josephine Tewson).

The second is 1971's Six Dates With Barker (an influential series which features the embryonic pilot for Clarence; a first run at The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town serial from the The Two Ronnies; The Odd Job, an episode that was later turned into a film that starred Graham Chapman; and an episode written by John Cleese, which features a character (played by It Ain't Half Hot Mum's Michael Bates) who can be seen as a prototype Basil Fawlty).

The third image is the box set which combines the two series, as a three-disc set. Click on any image to read the press release. Each series has an RRP of £14.99, but the best deal seems to be for the Collection, which is available for less than £18.


Titan Books will release another Primeval hardback novel on October the 24th. Here's the press release...

Continuing the exciting new series of original novels spinning out of the prime time ITV series from Impossible Pictures comes Primeval: The Lost Island [Titan Books, 24 October 2008, £6.99].

When strange anomalies in time start to appear, Evolutionary Zoologist Professor Cutter and his team must help track down and capture a multitude of dangerous prehistoric creatures from Earth's distant past. Written by Paul Kearney (The Monarchies of God, The Sea Beggars), The Lost Island finds Cutter and his team stranded on a mysterious island amidst the perilous Irish seas, where they must fight to survive as anomalies wink in and out around them, releasing untold dangers into the deadly storm.

A heady mixture of action and adventure, Primeval has captured the imagination of audiences and critics alike. Titanís first novel, Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar [£6.99, 9781845766924] was a Bookscan #1 bestseller, while the DVD release of the second series topped TV DVD charts with 35,000 copies sold in its week of release. As the show continues to be syndicated to networks across the world, these brand new original novels take Professor Cutter and his team to places and situations outside of the show to confront new creatures and face new dangers in the Primeval universe. With the third series scheduled to air in early 2009, Titanís thrilling new fiction is the perfect way for fans to keep their appetites whet and immerse themselves in the world of the show.

Paul Kearney is a popular writer of fantasy fiction, including the highly successful series The Monarchies of God (Gollancz) and The Sea Beggars (Bantam). Has also written several standalone novels. Paul lives by the sea in County Down, Northern Ireland with his wife, two dogs, a beat-up boat, and far too many books.

The RRP is £6.99. have it available for pre-order for £5.49. have it available for a mere £3.49!

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