Once More With Feeling - main menu

Once More With Feeling - audio menu (note - only one audio option!)

Shot from the into' sequence to the main disc menu

Menu screen for "Bargaining - Part 1 & 2" with commentary option highlighted

Episode menu for Disc One

Special Features menu for "Once More With Feeling" (the Season 6 DVD Box Set version)

Hinton Battle, being made up as the un-named "Once More With Feeling" demon, from David Fury's excellent Behind The Scenes documentary

Alyson Hannigan belts one out - recording "Once More With Feeling"

The karaoke version of Anya's "Bunnies" song

From the "Life Is The Big Bad - Season 6 Overview"
Fromt he "Life is the Big Bad - Season 6 Overview" documentary Alyson Hannigan interviewed - from the "Buffy Goes To Work" featurette
Title screen for the "Television With A Bite" documentary The lesser-spotted Gellar, in the "TV With A Bite" documentary

Emma Caulfield, interviewed in the "TV With A Bite" documentary

Still waiting for this on DVD (from the history of vampire movies at the beginning of the "TV With A Bite" documentary)





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