This is a schedule of forthcoming DVD releases, skewed towards titles which visitors to Zeta Minor might be interested in.

The information has been gathered from various sources, such as online retailers. Some titles included here have not been officially announced, so the information is subject to change. All prices listed are RRP. Unless stated otherwise these are assumed to be Region 2 UK releases.

Clicking on any title will take you to a page showing more information about that title, and a small sleeve image (if one is available). It also offers a selection of retailer links. These might take a few seconds to load, as the program fetches up-to date price information. Using these affiliated links will help to support Zeta Minor!

For releases that are known to be in production, but have not yet been formerly announced or scheduled - In The Pipeline

Any comments, corrections, suggestions or criticisms are welcome, please email me. Alternately, you can contribute to this thread over at Roobarb's DVD Forum.